Campus Life



“Being a student of Concordia College of Benguet is a great blessing to me because it gives me the opportunity to fulfill my dream even though we are not that rich.”

– Wendy Estravila

“Concordia College is where students achieve academic excellence through hard work and experiences.”

– Neil Robert Bautista

“First I wonder what would be my future as I enrolled here. Yet as I started, I was able to internalize that it is worth staying and enrolling here.”

– Vijay Gubat

“Being a to student here in Concordia College of Benguet gives me more interest to learn, joy to pursue my dreams and to overcome every problem to achieve my main goal- to graduate all because of the determination, patience, joy, and love of the teachers to teach us all that they know and correct our mistakes for us to be in the right path. And lastly being with them is great blessing from the Lord Almighty.”

– Edna Abellera 

“So awesome, fabulous and amazing experiences.”

– Mark Jerico Garcia

“I’m so grateful that I’m one of the students of Concordia College of Benguet because I can say that the people in this place, especially the students and teachers have a good heart.”

– Diane Mohillo

“Those were the days, hard work forever pays.”

– Arjon Pascua

“As I step and begin my career at Concordia College of Benguet, I was enlightened and had been crafted to a better business student.”

– Danhill Rumilan

“Actually, it’s not really the place where I intended to go; I was only pushed because of my friends, so I tried. But I think I’ve ended up where I needed to be – a school that is full of trainings.”

– Trisha Gutierrez