Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship is a process through which individuals and groups pursue an opportunity, leverage resources, and initiate change to create value. Thus, an entrepreneur is one who makes value by managing change, identifying and pursuing opportunities, acting with passion and purpose, living proactively, and organizing and leveraging resources.

Entrepreneurial spirit is the backbone of any economy. The stronger the entrepreneurial spirit the more vibrant the economy. Statistics show that the largest number of enrollees and graduates in higher education institutions (HEIs) are in business and management education. It will benefit the country if a larger percentage of these enrollees pursue studies in entrepreneurship and eventually start their own businesses.

Entrepreneurship requires proper orientation and motivation. Attitudes and values need to be developed. There is a need to provide formal education and training for entrepreneurship.

The BS Entrepreneurship program will provide this education and training. 


The BS Entrep prepares individuals to start and manage their own business. It aims to develop entrepreneurs who are motivated and knowledgeable in identifying opportunities, developing and preparing business plans and actually starting and managing a business.

After completion of all academic requirements of the program, graduates of BS Entrepreneurship can start and manage a business.


Concordia aims to develop fundamentally- competent, articulate, and socially responsible and technology- savvy entrepreneurs capable of leading social changes. Specifically, it aims to achieve the following program objectives:

  • Has the mastery and in-depth knowledge of entrepreneurship
  • Deeply grounded on the value of life-long learning as it applies to entrepreneurs
  • Fluent in the use of local and foreign languages to facilitate identification of business opportunities.
  • Ability to organize and convey entrepreneurial ideas
  • Strong in corporate social intelligence through entrepreneurial ventures
  • Passionately integrate the mind and the heart to help the marginalized through social entrepreneurship.
  • Adept in the use of state- of the art technology as technoprenuers.
  • To become technoprenuerial leaders.