Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management


Due to the improvement of man’s economic situation, that is potentially shown through his discretionary income and spending behaviour comes the opportunity of places whether urban or rural to showcase what they are identified of, such as products, tourist spots, culture and language,paving way to the impetus growth of the tourism industry. The booming of this industry has opened several opportunities to academic institutions to open and comply in producing capable and fitting manpower since the industry is labor intensive.

Though this industry is dynamic and needs intensive manpower, there is still the need to hire fitting tourism practitioners who are vital in focusing on customer satisfaction leading to customer retention and profit, the ultimate goal of every firm ( Theory of the Firm). After finishing this course, future tourism professionals may work and build a solid career path under the umbrella of tourism, such as accommodation, travel, events, food and beverage, and recreation.


Concordia College of Benguet, Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management is a 4 year degree diploma program that aims to provide extensive and affordable practical learning to students who aim to soar their careers in the Tourism Industry. Through proper knowledge students are equipped to easily fit and gain jobs in one of the most dynamic industrie in the economic sector worldwide.


  • Acquire adequate skills and knowledge adapted from the standard established current tourism industry businesses.
  • Inculcate students the proper work values such as resilience, conscientiousness, integrity, patience and empathy essential to the tourism industry survival,
  • Empower students to follow a solid career path related to the tourism industry by strengthening linkages with learning facilities such as on the job training centers and other significant external training grounds.