Campus Life




The mission of Concordia College Library is to provide information resources and services to faculty, students, researchers and administrative staff that will promote liberal learning, education for services, training for careers and development of lifelong learning skills.


  • To develop and manage the collections that is relevant to the College curricular programs and responsive to the needs of students, faculty, researchers and administrative staff.
  • To support and promote the use of information resources by providing references and information services that meet the information needs of the library users.

Library Rules and Regulations

  • Upon enrollment, all students shall immediately register at the library for the Borrower’s Card application.
  • The Borrowers card serves as the pass in the use of the library and its resources. The Borrowers card is presented upon entrance and every time a book or material is borrowed.The Borrower’s card is nontransferable. Library privilege should be exercised personally. Borrower’s card should not be used by anyone except the student whose picture and name appears on the card. The owner of the Borrower’s card is responsible for all materials borrowed on it.
  • The Borrowers card is good for four years, to be validated every semester/ term. Lost Borrowers card must be reported immediately to the Librarian. A replacement Borrower’s card may be issued one week after the report of loss and upon payment of the cost of the card.
  • No library resources of any kind may be taken from the library by any person unless a record of withdrawal is made thereof. Any person drawing a book from the library or having it charged against him for use is held accountable for it until its return.
  • General references like dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, etc. are to be used inside the library only. However, photocopying of such materials is allowed.
  • Reserved books and single-copy books are also to be used inside the library only. They are borrowed on an hourly basis and may be photocopied.
  • Periodicals are used in the library only. They may be photocopied.
  • Books in the General Circulation may be borrowed for home/overnight use. As a general rule, a book for home use is loaned from 3:00 P.M. and should be returned on or before 9:00 A.M. the following class day.
  • Students may borrow one book for overnight use from Mondays thru Thursdays and two books of different titles on weekends.
  • Books may be renewed another day. However, the book must be presented physically before it can be borrowed again.
  • Interlibrary use of resources is practiced among the Libraries in the University. Visiting students should present, together with their University ID, a referral letter from the Librarian of their College of origin. These students are given room-use privilege only.