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TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

This term is used for both the TEFL and TESL situations, where the mother tongue of learners is for students is other than English.

There are many reasons to choose our TESOL programs.

• Concordia offers a wide variety of high quality, Practical TESOL courses.
• An international TESOL certificate awarded by Concordia is accepted worldwide.
• Concordia provides a full range of support services, from guiding you through the process of choosing the most appropriate course, to job placement support throughout your EFL teaching career.
• Concordia becomes more involved in your teaching job search than other program providers. We will help you find work in the location that you choose.
• Concordia programs are exceptional value for money.

This is a somewhat difficult question to answer, as the answer would ultimately depend on your personal circumstances. By choosing our TESOL program, you can be assured of the highest quality program as well as the highest standards of assistance, tuition and support in finding TESOL teaching jobs.

The answer to both questions is yes. Graduates of our TESOL Programs are able to find TESOL teaching positions around the world. Our high standards ensure that we provide consistency and quality of training and support services.

You will be able to teach English pretty much anywhere in the world. Most teaching jobs tend to be in countries where English is not the native/local language. For further information relating to teaching jobs in different countries, please visit our TESOL International Internships and Jobs pages.

We do not require course applicants to have any prior qualifications or experience teaching English. Each course application received is judged upon its own merit. If you are to be a teacher of English, we do require that you have a high standard of both written and spoken. To clarify, it is your use and ability with the English language that is important at this stage and not necessarily your knowledge of terminology and grammar for example. As long as you are receptive to learning new ideas and practices you will not have a problem.

No, knowledge of languages other than English is not required. Concordia International College TESOL Program utilizes the international standard communicative approach to teaching, English is the only language used in the classroom at all times.

We have no upper age limit as such, but we require program applicants to be at least 18 years of age when apply for our online courses and 18 when attending our classroom based programs. We have trained (and found employment for) program graduates of all ages within this criteria.

There is no best time to complete a TESOL program as such as TESOL Jobs are available throughout the year. There are peak periods in certain countries but this varies from country to country.

We welcome applications regardless of race, nationality or first language. Our only requirements is that non native English speaking applicants have a proficient level of English, can provide some evidence of study at a higher level of education (please note: work experience may well be accepted in place of academic qualifications). Concordia International College has trained a larger number of teachers from many different backgrounds very successfully. We consider it our duty and responsibility to guide and encourage all of our trainees through to successful completion of our TESOL Programs.