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In the early part of the 21st century, education at all levels took a gigantic step forward in the right direction.
After a few decades of preparation, leading educators in USA put successfully into operation Concordia International University with branches in quite a few countries. Volunteered Services.

Professional instructors began to volunteer their services at a faster rate than anticipated. In the meantime, students at all ages, who felt a sacrosanct obligation to create a better and more peaceful world began to join this international institution. Needless to say, the positive and constructive changes they wanted to make on a global scale are now bound to take place in quite a few years.

In brief, the primary objective of Concordia International University is to implement in students the concept that all people are members of the same human family whose obligation is to respect each other. A study of history shows that people always fought because of diversities between them. Diversities may be proven to be a source of enrichment in a variety of ways. Hence, this would be a good way to justify our obligation in the creation of harmonious relations.

With the arrival of Concordia International University, we have now at our disposal the perfect instrument in providing the world with a permanent harmony and peace in due time.

Those who may be interested in establishing contact with this institution may get in touch with the Officer.

Charles Mercieca, Ph.D
President, Concordia Global
Concordia International University