About Us


Concordia College of Benguet Inc.

Concordia College of Benguet Inc. (CCBI) is located at Longlong, Lamtang Road, Barangay Puguis, La Trinidad Benguet. The building was designed to conform to the geographic terrain of the lot to give it a more impressive and environmental beauty.

Concordia College of Benguet Inc. (CCBI) is located 20 minutes away from Baguio City. The location is highly conducive for studying because of the quite and peaceful ambience and cool climate. Municipality of La Trinidad belongs under the Type I climate by the Coronas System of classification with distinct wet and dry seasons. The average daily temperature is 18.55 °C (65.39 °F).

Concordia College of Benguet Inc. (CCBI) provides students the opportunity to achieve academic and professional success in an international society by providing a comprehensive, supportive educational experience and offering merit scholarships and needs-based scholarships.

The programs of CCBI have been designed to meet the students’ needs. Students will have the opportunity to interact with native speakers in a friendly, comfortable, and motivational learning environment, while enjoying a multicultural experience unsurpassed anywhere in the world. CCBI only hires highly qualified teachers who have been trained to provide the best learning experience possible. Not only do they teach course material, but they also take pride in exposing students to the Concordia-Global culture and to English as a living language, through the use of the latest teaching approaches.