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Graduates of 2016
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October 15, 2016, was another special day for Concordia International College, for it was the day it hosted the graduation ceremony for its Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) course graduates from ENOZ (English Network Opportunity Zone) English Philippines, Inc., which is a very popular online video education service provider that caters to clients from various schools and school levels in South Korea.

The event was held on a Saturday at the penthouse of Padilla Building in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. There was a total of 36 graduates who participated in the event to walk on stage and receive their hard-earned and long-sought diplomas in TESOL, which primarily boost their qualifications as teachers of English.

It was such a meaningful event not only for the graduates but also especially for the President of ENOZ English Philippines, Ms. Cho Min Ok, who made it a priority to be at the event to personally witness the product of her employees’ hard work and dedication to their work.

Completing the course simply showed their commitment to their career, as they were willing to go through a certification process just to get more practical experience and knowledge needed in teaching English to students of other languages.

While all the graduates deservingly get all the credit for completing the course, Concordia International University did its fair share by easing up the whole process of certification by providing the students with online lessons through e-books and videos as well as online quizzes and exams.

We at Concordia International College are extremely proud to have had such dedicated and excellent students from ENOZ English Philippines, Inc., and we are looking forward to having more graduates from them through a collaborative and mutual benefit partnership.

Congratulations to the following graduates of ENOZ English Philippines, Inc.:

  1. Agoncillo, Rexie
  2. Almine, Cherry Fe
  3. Apac, Merizol
  4. Arcena, Chezallyn
  5. Baguingan, Russel
  6. Balintong, Joana Marie
  7. Baliza, Aira Mae
  8. Bation, Chrisgene
  9. Bello, Irish Ann
  10. Cagape, Rubelyn
  11. Catalan, Florence
  12. Cos, Maria Mae
  13. Daniel, Daisy
  14. Dela Peña, Gladys Ann
  15. DDorado, Lenny
  16. Iglesias, Alma Lyn
  17. Josef, Juvy
  18. Labay, Ester Joy
  19. Layosa, Robelyn
  20. Lobos, Maryjane Ann
  21. Madoro, Shiela May
  22. Mayores, Nhonnie Jean
  23. Naldoza, Gleene Mae
  24. Del Pinado, Geraldine
  25. Oftana, Rhea
  26. Pasague, Jhona May
  27. Peralta, Jocelle
  28. Retardo, Ma. Graciel
  29. Sace, Edlen
  30. Saludes, Crizzyann
  31. San Gaspar, Bernadeth
  32. Tenorio, Justina
  33. Uy, Crystel Mae

Thank you for choosing Concordia International Coolege as your TESOL education center.


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Graduates of 2016
October 15, 2016, was another special day for Concordia International College, for it was the day it hosted the graduation ceremony for its Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) course graduates from ENOZ (English Network Opportunity Zone) English Philippines, Inc., which is a very popular online video education service provider that caters to clients from various schools and …

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