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CIC Newsletter Volume 20 - Milestones
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 Milestones :  CONCORDIA GLOBAL NEWS                                       
New York USA:  

ZONI  signing of contract with CEO David Kang and  CEO Zoilo Nieto

Concordia International University CEO David Kang  signed a contract with 

Zoilo C. Nieto President and Founder Zoni Language Centers (

 located at 22west 34th Street NY with the vision  to build one exclusive Learning Management

 Tool  for Zoni and starting Face to Face program at Vancouver Zoni campus improving the

enrollment  with Joeun Education. The model in the next years to come would be  implemented

 with other Concordia campuses  in Korea, Philippines and LA, USA, Australia and

other locations.

 The  ESL educational contents would also be developed in  2014 to strengthen  the

Partnership  on global market of E-learning, blended(E-learning + Face to Face) and

Face to Face programs. 

Concordia global has  about 20,000 students around the world but with Zoni we can become

50,000 students together as  many graduates would  be interested in

vocational/professional/degree programs as well.



Concordia joins  Australian Team in  Roadshow Presentation in Manila Philippines


  Mr SurajSadasivan

  Regional Manager for International

  Marketing and Recruitment



  Ms Hope Tancinco

  Business Manager – Asia, International Office

  International  & Advancement Division



  Ms Shay McHardy

  Regional Manager, Sales 

  International Student Programs



  Ms Julia Barnes  Recruitment Manager,  Marketing

  Represented by John Mantle



  Ms Sharon Beilby

  International Business Manager

  International Unit



              Ms. Zarah de Vera

              Marketing Head


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CIC Newsletter Volume 20 - Milestones
 Milestones :  CONCORDIA GLOBAL NEWS                                        New York USA:   ZONI  signing of contract with CEO David Kang and  CEO Zoilo Nieto Concordia International University CEO David Kang  signed a contract with  Zoi…

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